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How to Install an LED Light Panel - 2013-01-13

Installing LED light panels might seem a daunting task since some people might even be asking “What is LED light?” in the first place.

LEDs are short for Light Emitting Diodes and it is the new wave of the future for green living. CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lights were the popular green living lighting choice a while back.

However, many people are concerned about mercury contamination that was used in the making of CFLs. LEDs, in contrast, does not use toxic chemicals and lasts even longer than CFLs. LEDs do not emit heat, are generally 90% energy efficient and lasts up to 10 years without replacement. Some traditional lights became hot and were too dangerous to put in small, unseen places like closets or cabinets, however, since LEDs do not become hot, they are generally available to be installed anywhere that an electricity current would go. Since LEDs use less energy, they save you on monthly electricity bills. The only detail that a homeowner might want to think about before changing to an LED light panel is that LEDs are focused lighting. Incandescent lights emit lights 360 degrees, but LED lights travel only in one direction. Keep this in mind when choosing to install LED light fixtures in certain areas of your house. LEDs come in various shapes and sizes and can be put anywhere in the house. LEDs come as recessed lights, track lights, bulbs, light ropes, light bars, light boxes and light panels. Many LEDs are now being built directly into new homes by green conscious builders and contractors. Many commercial small business owners are using LED light boxes with designs to decorate their stores.

What You Need LED light panel AC adapter Mounting clasps Screwdriver and screws Cardboard bigger than your light panel Extension cable(s)

Step 1 – Research and Purchase Your LED Light Panel These come in various sizes and can be custom-made to suit your home, do some research and find what kind of size is suitable for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage, or closets. Remember, because these LEDs are only one-directional lighting, ask the sales representative for their recommendation in fixtures or light panels that would offer a comfortable brightness for your specific rooms.

Step 2 – Read the Manuals Since LEDs are a relatively new technology for most people, read up on your manuals, and find out about how they are used and what its components are.

Step 3 – Locate a Suitable Area for Mounting If you haven’t already planned this out when buying, now is a good time to designate a specific place on your wall or ceiling to begin drilling. LED light panels are powered by AC adapters so an adequate location would be an area close to an electrical socket.

Step 4 – Measure out Your LED Light Panel Dimensions For easy measurements, place your light panel on a cardboard and draw its outline with a pencil. Place marks on the outline where mounts will be attached.


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