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LED light have changed the traditional lighting industry pattern

A revolution in the development of LED lighting is known as the lighting industry, its development is bound to have a significant impact on the pattern of the lighting industry, the emergence of LED lighting industry, how will change the pattern? Pointed out that the industry, mainly in the following three aspects:

Lighting industry. Lighting industry by light, electrical, lighting, materials, lampholder, traditional lighting in these parts is a separate component. The future of LED lighting products will be based on the design and manufacture of LED light-emitting properties and characteristics, many energy save light like LED tube , LED panel and LED bulb . its manifestations are different from traditional lighting products. Industry structure will undergo very large changes, and light companies, lighting companies will blend.

The standard system. The Chinese lighting standard system with international standards, the implementation of the IEC standard system the case IECTC34, and press parts the divided into TC34A TC34B TC34C, TC34D correspond to the light source, lampholder, accessories, lighting, with the industry pattern of change in the future , the existing standard system will also change.

Product and market. LED lighting products with small size, high luminous efficiency, long life, easy to control, change, a huge space for development in the fields of lighting, LED lighting products and LED characteristics did not play, basic traditional lighting products replica. Future products should give full play to the characteristics of the LED is easy to control, depending on LED lighting products for electronic design, manufacture, application and original lighting products are very different. Products will rely on functionality, fashion, differentiation to win, the market will be achieved through the close cooperation of enterprises and dealers, to strengthen services to win, manufacturing and marketing will be a major change.

The industry's recommendations, although in the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lighting sparked a revolution, but the opportunities and risks, companies should learn how to protect themselves.


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